Services, Tools & Resources

COPACS Services, Tools & Resources: 
We offer workshops and services that support the information dissemination and knowledge
utilization needs of parents and community stakeholders in states, districts and schools. For more information, please contact us at:

The workshops include but are not limited to:
  • The History of ESEA
  • The Purpose of ESEA/ESSA
  • Defining the Purpose of ESSA Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Understanding the Purpose of NAEP, PISA, TIMMS and Statewide Assessments 
  • Understanding  Quality Classroom Instruction, etc. Tied to Student Achievement (On Any Given Day) 
  • Interpreting ESSA by Reviewing Insights from a Wide Range of Stakeholders  
  • Participatory Democracy: Building the Foundation for Interactions Between
  • Reviewing Best Practices & Lessons Learned tied to Equity and Excellence in Schools 
  • Understanding  Policy Development, Research & Its Analysis at the State, District and School Levels
  • State Accountability Plans, the Status Quo & Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Ways to Strengthen Stakeholder Voice, Influence & Agency Aligned With Positive Student Outcomes  --- Supported by Gold or Evidenced-based Research & Lessons Learned
  • Strategies to Strengthen Student Voice & Empowerment  in Public Schools --- Supported by Gold or Evidenced-based Research & Lessons Learned
  • Developing Opportunity Structures for Stakeholder Engagement in Educational Systems 
  • Understanding State, District and School Report Cards 
  • Exploring & Understanding the Power Dynamics in Public School Systems, including Power Imbalances 
  • The ARVIN Analytical Framework & Assessment Tool
  • Promoting Transparency & Accountability in Public School Governance, Discourse & Decision-making Tied to Student Achievement  --- Supported by Gold or Evidenced-based Research(Topics of Concern: School Choice, School Turnarounds, Teacher Evaluations/Teacher Productivity Tied to Student Achievement or Teacher Preparation Issues ,  State Standards & Assessments, State Report Cards , Equity & Excellence in Schools , Parent and Community Stakeholder Voice, Agency  & Influence in Schools, etc.)
  • Understanding Social Capital, Social Cohesion, Buy-in, Reciprocity, Political Trust and the Legitimacy of State Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives Based on Social Inclusion, and
  • How to Create Socially Cohesive School Communities Built By All School & Community Stakeholders.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • The research and development of specific content for websites, newsletters, workshops and retreat programming or presentations, etc., including the development and design of training materials
  • The development of parent and community stakeholder training and curriculum materials
  • The development of research syntheses pertaining to best practices and lessons learned in parent and community engagement, etc. 
  • The development of research syntheses based on capacity building tools, techniques, trends, models, and organizational approaches that support  parent and community stakeholder engagement tied to student achievement 
  • The development of analytical frameworks for parent and community stakeholder engagement  tied to transparency and accountability in school governance, discourse adn decision-making 
  • Research syntheses focusing on case studies tied underserved students (lessons learned), including but not limited to   school board/school district decisions   that promote inequality , segregation , the school to prison pipeline, etc.
  • The coordination and development of parent and community stakeholder assessments  tied to transparency and accountability in school governance, discourse and decision-making 
  • The development of reports for workshops focusing on ESSA Title One funding   data --- or formulas (if they exist; sometimes they don't) at the state and local levels, including how funds are used and  tied to student outcomes
  • The development and identification of research-based strategies assocated with genuine parent and community stakeholder engagement initiatives
  • The development of reports comparing and contrasting  stakeholder initiatives controlled by the status quo with those that serve genuine stakeholder engagement intiatives --- from a historical perspective
  • The development of MOOCs (online courses) and study guides for parent and community stakeholder engagement  tied to student achievement.